October 05, 2015

Last week had an “End of Times” feeling for me at work. Between a mixture of helping roll out 3 new company websites (1, 2, 3), the residual effects of bugs stemming from the release of El Capitan, and general life working at a Startup my hands were full. I decided to take a look and see if our ticket load indicated the increased stress I felt or if it was all made up in my mind (To Simplify things I considered Sept as having 5 full weeks).

Week # of Tickets
Week 4 110
Week 5 152

Looking at the amount of tickets we received from Sept. 29th - Oct. 2 compared to Sept. 21 - 25th there was a 38% increase in the amount of tickets we received. Woof. I realized my feeling of running away from work on Friday was well earned.

After looking up that information I decided to compare to August to September* (Including Oct. 1st & 2nd to keep last weeks tickets in perspective).

Month # of Tickets

August 588

September 589

It turns out we had just one more ticket month to month. That felt like a weight off my shoulder realizing that volume was actually down until the last week. Thankfully website releases and new operating systems aren’t a common thing and will end up being an outlier issues in our ticket load.

Beyond getting some fresh air and clearing your mind it never hurts to look at the raw data and see if it’s as bad as it feels.

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