Say Thank You

October 08, 2015

In Support so many interactions non-Support coworkers is related to Support specific issues. Be it a bug you’re reporting to a Developer, a Sales person following up an issue one of their accounts had, someone hoping you can help them because “their computer hates them today”, etc.. This can be magnified if you’re remote or on separate floors of other departments and not seeing them face to face.

I find myself frequently having conversations with Support coworkers that are not always about work, be it the Cubs game the previous night or weekend plans. It’s not always updates on tickets or trying to solve a nasty bug.

Many times those conversations with other coworkers can unintentionally carry a negative tone since it might always be work related. The receiving end of the Developer could be thinking “Ugh, here’s Brian asking about a bug again” when the Slack notification comes from me.

I think it’s always good to reach out to employees and thank them when they ship that bug fix or congratulate them when they’ve made that big sale. It creates a positive tone that’s not always negative and opens up conversation with others.

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