Origin Story

October 16, 2015

My Support origin story isn’t as unexpected as Peter Parker getting bit by a radioactive spider, but like Peter Parker becoming Spider-Man I didn’t set out to become a Support Professional.

My start was simple enough, in college a friend worked as ‘the computer guy’ for a department at the University I went to. As he was getting closer to graduation he asked if I wanted to work on the floor, I agreed took over his spot as ‘the computer guy’.

With Support experience from that I found a position at the Support Desk at a large well known bank after college – It fit the main criteria I looking for then, they offered me a job and it paid above minimum wage. I worked there for awhile, but grew tired of the pressures to keep AHT (Average Handle Time on the phone) low and the constant contractor turnover in my department.

From there I moved onto a more startupy company to work in Support and have been diving deep into the Support world since. While I sometimes do miss being apart of a large support desk to not have a majority of responsibility fall on me I really do love being able to make things right with customers as quick as possible and being able to see an issue through resolution without escalating to some other acronym named department.

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