Comfort Zone

October 29, 2015

There’s a new festival coming to where I live, the whole purpose is stepping out of your comfort zone and maybe even not liking a session.

It’s made realize the internet is a place that’s more an more being tailored to your “interests”. Be it following the football game you’re watching on Twitter which makes you think the entire internet is watching the game or Spotify recommending music based on the music you’ve previously listened to. The internet is quickly becoming a feed of services dedicated to me and my interests.

It makes me see the value in stepping out of my comfort zone. Not always listening to what I like, watching a movie I normally wouldn’t like, or learning about about something I wouldn’t seek out.

Now excuse me as I go follow some people Twitter has recommended to me…

After I wrote this I realized there’s a great correlation to support with stepping out of your comfort zone.

When you work in an application day in and out a simple question can seem mundane to you or maybe even annoying to yourself, the service your supporting is your comfort zone. It’s always imporantant to take a step back and realize a customer isn’t living 40+ hours in your service a week. While a question might seem mundane always understand the customer is asking you because they don’t know the answer.

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