Ticket Mountain

October 30, 2015

This month has been a fun one for us at our support desk with bookends of major events at the beginning and end.

If you remember at the beginning of the month we helped launch new company websites. That was all hands on deck while we made sure to keep everything working smoothly for our customers.

To end the month a customer that was On Premise (We let bigger customers host our software themselves) had major server performance issues that caused them to move to our Hosted service on the fly.. Meaning moving databases, an figuring our their AD FS integration, moving miscellaneous server files and oh yeah new URLs for every end user to access the application through. It was crazy…

To illustrate that here’s our incoming ticket volume for the month, you’ll notice the ascent starts on Oct. 22nd.

Graph of ticket volume, with a spike on October 22nd

The volume of tickets ends up even being less than the actual amount in the graph as well. We had a conference line setup where we went from end user to end user resolving their discovered problems.

Here’s to a nice long extended Thanksgiving lull next month.

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