UserConf Talks for the slow week

December 30, 2015

I hope you’re having a great holiday season, with some of my downtime I’ve been able to watch some of the great video library of UserConf talks on the UserVoice YouTube channel.

In no specific order here are five I’ve really enjoyed:

Robert Kranzke from CoSupport gives a fun talk on how he prevents burnout in Support by being himself (And not being a robot).

With the release of iOS 7 Omni Group made a hard decision that they knew would anger customers. Brian Covey explains on how they handled the situation in a humorous talk.

Erin McCaul and Chiaryn Miranda from Moz break down how they improved Support at Moz by improving team structure, updating the Support tools they used, and having fun with the content they provided to customers.

How Shopify turned Self Help into a way to empower users to ease the Support load and how to use Self Help as a way to reduce friction in Support.

Olark noticed their Support feedback loop with customers started to become cut off with their engineering team as they only started to receive escalations. To fix this they introduced all hands support, doing so they learned more than they expected.

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