Charting out the Results of the Support Driven Compensation Survey

April 06, 2016

This year with the Support Driven Compensation survey I decided to dive deep into the state of gender pay in the Support profession.

I still wanted to break out some important pay aspects. Below you’ll find the averages and medians for:

If you’re interested in the data yourself, the raw data be found here.

Support Team Size

Mega (3):

Very Large (21):

Large (9):

Medium (43):

Small (64):

Very Small (56):

Support Team Size Plot.png


I’m new (1 - 2 years) (37):

I’ve been doing this for a few years (3 - 5 years) (83):

Support is a way of life! (5+ years) (76):

Experience Plot.png

Local Cost of Living

$ (e.g. Manila, Delhi, Hanoi) (4):

$$ (e.g. Tallinn, Warsaw, Bucharest, Santiago) (34):

$$$ (e.g. Nashville, Birmingham, Vienna, Austin, Las Vegas, Tel Aviv) (90):

(e.g. San Francisco, Hong Kong, Sydney, London, Paris, New York) (68):

Local Cost of Living Plot.png

“Do you work remotely?”

Remote Employee (79):


_Do you work remotely__ Plot(1).png

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