Long Live the Link Log

January 22, 2018

Like many people, I sometimes yearn for the slower days of the internet. Often discussions are had over short-form media like Slack or Twitter where it gets lost to time. An hour after you’ve shared something, the discussion has moved on.

If you write a blog post, you share out on the popular channels. And it’s forgotten about it nearly as soon as it was written.

To combat this feeling, I’m bringing back an “old fashion” feature of the internet, a link log. I have a nostalgic feeling for finding a website that has a directory of great sites and going a down rabbit hole of interesting sites.

The link log is a place where I’ll post great articles I find on customer support, customer success, or something in a related field. It might be an article from 2014 or 2018. No matter the year written the content in these articles are worth sharing (again).

You can check the section now.

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