A Fresh Perspective

January 10, 2019

The other night my wife and I had my dad over. After catching up, we decided to play the card game Exploding Kittens. Little did I know this would be a good lesson on supporting a product.

I’ve played Exploding Kittens countless times with friends who know how to play. And Kittens is a simple, with the basic gist of the rules condensed to 45 words. We told my dad “Don’t explode and you win!” simple enough, right?

As we played, he had questions on how he could and couldn’t play his cards. His queries lead to us dusting off the rulebook and reading it. Sure enough, we found 3 rules that we had never followed when playing with our friends!

Learning these new rules made me think about how one can think they know how a service works like the back of their hands. But still be missing out on a few details.

To that point, think about the service you support. It’s good to take step back and have a fresh perspective. Is everything truly how you think it is?

To get that fresh perspective:

There’s always something to learn.

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