The Bookshelf: February

March 15, 2019

For 2019, I’m trying something different. At the beginning of each month (or thereabouts), I’m sharing the books I read the previous month.

The Man Who Japed

Philip K. Dick writes about one man trying to keep his apartment. Set in a future world resembling 1984, where robots aptly named juvenile’s monitor citizens behavior. At times, The Man Who Japed felt like a novel that’s influenced the Coen Brothers.

I wasn’t a fan of this. Maybe in 1956 when originally published it was exploring unique themes. I struggled to get through all ~150 pages.

The Index Card

A simple ten-step guide to personal finance. i.e., simple enough to fit on an index card. A good primer to make sure saving money the right way.

I especially liked their advice to make sure your CFP is following the fiduciary standard.

Coming at 210 pages, at times the pages felt long in the tooth when the advice the book covers is supposed to fit on an index card.

The Expanse: Babylon’s Ashes

I’m still in progress of reading this in March. Much like The Man Who Japed the first ~75 pages of this were a snooze. So far it feels like Babylon’s Ashes is trying to wrap up what the previous book could have. I’m hoping to have a better outlook by the time I finish this…

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