The Books I Read in 2021

January 13, 2022

I always enjoy putting this together. Much like hearing a song and taking you back to a place, seeing a book title reminds me of where I was when I read it. “The Poppy War” reminded me of flights to Alaska for some true social distancing. “A Memory Called Empire” reminded me of the Wisconsin lake when things felt normal.

Stepping deep into the fantasy world, December was for consuming “The Way of Kings”. I’m looking forward to reading the next 3 books this year. Continuing a personal rule during the panini, I skipped any business related books, there’s too many great Sci-Fi/Fantasy reads to escape to at night.

Trying to lessen the power of Amazon/Goodreads, I’ve started using Readerly. A fun indie app to track the books you’ve read. There’s an interesting way to discovery new books called Gists, a way for users to write a tweet summery of a book. It’s in beta with a few rough edges, and I’m hopeful for its future. Feel free to follow me or reach out for an invite.

With that, the books I read in 2020. . . Bolded books were ones I particularly enjoyed. Series name in parentheses.



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